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G H Herbert and Co

29 - Oct - 2014

Based in Kidderminster, we have all your accountancy needs covered including self assessment, tax advice, bookkeeping and company accounts.

Limited Company tax advice

Limited Company - tax advice, bookkeeping & accounting systems.

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Limited company formation, costs and tax

Consultancy and contract work

Nowadays many people, particularly in certain industries such as construction or I.T. find that they need to be able to work through a limited company: which also has the benefit of separating one's business affairs from those matters which are private. We will assist with the formation, bookkeeping and accounting and taxation affairs of such businesses.

Corporation tax, Income tax, N.I., higher rate tax and dividends.

There can also be tax advantages. Several taxes affect a limited company, and the way the individuals involved are rewarded can have a considerable effect upon how much tax has to be paid. The circumstances of each case vary, so that there is no standard strategy which is suitable for all situations. At G H Herbert and Co we will consider your own situation carefully before advising you as to the best way to proceed.

We do all we can to legally minimise the amount of tax - in all its forms - which you have to pay, and prepare such computations and returns as are necessary.

Companies House.

We can assist you with the formation of your limited company. We will also prepare the accounts as required by law in the Companies Acts, including the Abbreviated Accounts which have to be filed annually with Companies House.


We only charge for the work which we do, and try to agree our charges with you in advance. At G H Herbert and Co we do not charge by way of a percentage on the amounts which you invoice.


There are many excellent bookkeeping and accounting systems available to-day. Some are very sophisticated, some are very powerful, some are cheap and some are easy to use. We will assess your requirements, advise you as to what system best suits your needs and help with setting it up so that it does what you want, Or, if you don't want to do any of it - we will do it for you!


In these matters we can - help please telephone 01562 751111


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